Our Mission Statement

DK-Technologies A/S, founded in 1987 as DK-Audio, is the worldwide leading manufacturer of audio and video solutions for the broadcast and studio sector where customers return on investment is paramount. Sales are through a highly trained network of distributors or affiliate who share our ambition for excellence.

By using intense research into design, highly educated employees, state-of-the-art technology, innovative systems and products are developed and manufactured to the highest possible standard. Our continued commitment to quality and service with the focus on customer requirement enables us to meet our ambitious standards of excellence.




Brief history and Timeline

The Danish manufacturer DK – Technologies was established in 1987 by its current CEO Karsten Hansen, under the name of DK-Audio.

Hansen’s aim was to use his extensive knowledge and experience of the broadcast industry to develop complex, custom-designed matrix systems for individual broadcasters. His conceptual approach to design was soon being sought out by broadcasters who had specific monitoring, networking and routing problems that couldn’t be solved by applying off-the-shelf solutions.

One of the company’s early achievements was designing an audio monitoring system for the BBC, which was installed at Broadcasting House, London, in the early 90’s and is still in use to this day. This particularly system involved monitoring 4,000 audio sources and channeling them into just eight control disks.

Hansen says: “This project sums up the type of work we were carrying out during Phase One of DK’s history. It was truly conceptual because no one had a system that could accomplish this, so we started with a blank sheet of paper and designed exactly what the customer needed. Customer defined projects were the mainstay of our business and our on-going desire to develop products for which there is a practical need stems from this starting point.”

In 1993, Hansen decided to expand DK’s remit by developing a range of stand-alone audio metering products that could be sold as individual units. These were based onrecently introduced DSP technology and incorporated LCD screens showing clear visual representations of the audio signal. Known collectively as Master Stereo Display units, the first – the MSD 550 – went on show at the AES Convention in Vienna in 1994.

“Most people thought this was just a toy, a funny thing that was interesting but had no serious application,” Hansen says. “However, we saw it as a conceptual solution – something that combined a large amount of functionality into one small box. We recognized a requirement for this type of metering but it took a while for other people to see its potential because most of them were monitoring in stereo and were still working with traditional oscilloscopes and bargraphs. As soon as their thoughts turned to the future and the growing interest in 5.1 surround, they realized where we were coming from and began to take these new meters more seriously.”

The launch of the first MSD meter pushed DK into Phase Two of its corporate development. With products to sell, the company needed an international distribution network and dedicated sales team, all of which were duly established. Research and development into new products continued, always with the company’s key word ‘conceptual’ at its core.

In 1998 DK introduced its first 5.1 surround meter,the MSD 600C MkI. To help engineers monitor these complex audio signals, DK introduced a revolutionary new display technology called JellyFish, which takes its name from the shape the signal produces on the LCD display. Once again Karsten Hansen recalls being ahead of the game.

“Very few people were doing anything with surround sound, although a lot of them were talking about it,’ he recalls. “In 1998 surround was still a concept, an academic issue. There was a lot of interest in our new product, but not many purchases. We had developed a product for a market that didn’t exist, but we were soon vindicated when the market caught up and demand for these meters began to grow. JellyFish technology has now become an industry standard, especially for people working in surround.”

Although DK’s primary reputation was for developing really useful audio metering products, things were about to change because in 2001 the company entered the third phase of its corporate development when it was presented with an opportunity to buy the Studio Products Division (PTV) from ProTelevision Technologies A/S.

Hansen says: “In one day we doubled our staff, doubled our market and became a much larger company offering both audio and video equipment to studios and broadcasters. It also brought all sorts of synergy between audio and video product development.”

Initially the company had two distinct product lines – audio and video – running in parallel, both of which were increasingly successful. However, convergence within the industry led the DK R&D team to start developing products that combined both applications.

“We see this as phase four of our company’s history,” Hansen explains. “This is where we are now. We are merging the two product lines and setting up a platform for combined technology that will address the needs of end users both now and in the future. We are in the process of creating a number of units that combine functionality and functions that many users will find it difficult to see the application for today. Our experiences of being ahead of the game when we introduced the JellyFish display give us the confidence to pursue this path as we are convinced that convergence between audio and video is the direction the industry will take.”

To mark this move into a brave new world, DK has undergone an internal transformation, culminating in a new name – DK – Technologies. All of the company’s existing products will be re-branded and there will be a major marketing initiative to reinforce the new brand.

Hansen says: “Positioning ourselves for the future means that we all have to think differently. These changes are all about forward progression. We see the industry opening up and we are adapting our business model to reflect this. DK-Technologies aims to embrace new ideas without constraints. Apart from our standard range of products, we also have a technical platform from which we can create bespoke products that solve specific problems for audio and video professionals. Conceptual thinking has always been our core philosophy and we are now ideally positioned to bring the benefits of an open minded, no constraints approach to the entire industry.”